New Revised articles written by Valerie Dejean (Click Here)

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New Revised articles written by Valerie Dejean (Click Here)

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Valerie Dejean has treated autistic children for 30 years with sensory integration and for the last 18 years with the Tomatis Method. She has developed the Spectrum Center Method(TM) of Vestibular Integration and is the author of the book Vestibular Re-Integration of the Autistic Child

She is a practicioner of the Tomatis Method and was trained by Alfred A Tomatis himself.
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picture above was taken at Tomatis's last seminar for a few of his favorite students. "Dr. Tom" is apparrently showing Valerie how to set her jaw for the purposes of chanting correctly
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  • Valerie Dejean appeared with Katie Couric and Sharon Ruben on the Today Show

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