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Where we have been helping people with sensory processing disorders navigate their world more efficiently and effectively for the past 27 years

People often perceive themselves as limited based on inaccurate sensory processing. These difficulties stem from early childhood, even back into the womb and remain hidden from us. We tell ourselves things like “I’m not good at that” or “that’s not my strength” or even “I don’t like that,” when truth be told these are just opinions we formed about ourselves long ago that may not even be real. In this way we progressively shut down our lives.


But this can be changed!


The Spectrum Center Method (SCM) uses technologies that re-engineer how the brain pays attention. This transforms how a person “takes in,” “processes,” and “organizes” sensory and non-sensory data, into hierarchies of awareness and consciousness that I call BUILD A MIND.

Faulty Sensory Processing = Unstable Foundation
How we process sensory information is at the foundation of how we build a Mind. When you don’t have a good foundation everything above it is unstable.
Structure is Misaligned
The Structure is the vehicle from which we look out at the world – how we perceive reality. With an unstable foundation all of our structures of how we perceive reality (physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual (PIES) perceptions) will be misaligned and we will have a misconstrued perception of reality.

At the Line in the above graphic, sitting between input and output, is the Human generative function Praxis – it is as unique to our species as language. In fact, symbolic language is dependent on Praxis. 

Creation – Misformed
With sensory processing disorder, we can’t get our ideas out into forms that accurately reflect what we are thinking.
OBSERVED BEHAVIORS – Ineffective, Inefficient, Untimely ACTIONS
I call this lost in space, time, and missing in action. We can’t navigate our world in an effective, efficient, and timely manner. This can effect multiple areas – PIES.
We pay attention to what we sense and how we manage this attention is at the root of how we Build a Mind that navigates the world effectively and efficiently.
The SPECTRUM CENTER METHOD re-engineers how the brain pays attention
By re-engineering how the brain processes information at the foundation, we can transform the output and create more effective, efficient, and timely behaviors.

The key to doing this is to restore normal sensory processing

The Spectrum Center has demonstrated repeatedly for over 27 years of operation that if you “Fix the (sensory integration) Foundations then the Structure and New (intention) Creation naturally appear in new Behaviors and Actions without them being specifically addressed. This is because the Spectrum Center Method addresses the engine room of awareness or consciousness.

What makes the Spectrum Center Method unique is that it works on a pre-cognitive level. This is the bottom – at the level of awareness itself. With the Spectrum Center Method, we are training the brain how to pay attention! Before we can form perceptions, concepts, beliefs, ideas, or even opinions, (all the things that make-up our mental universe), we first have to know what to and how to pay attention. This is core to how the brain operates.

It is because the Spectrum Center Method addresses processing at such a fundamental level that it can be effective for many different populations and age ranges:

  • Autism
  • Attention Deficit Disorders,
  • Auditory Processing Disorders
  • Sensory Processing
  • Visual and Auditory based Learning Disabilities,
  • Memory Enhancement for Aging, and Alzheimer’s,
  • Performance Enhancement.
  • People working in the consciousness field who want to become better manifestors.


The Spectrum Center Method combines the theoretical thinking of Sensory Integration founder A. Jean Ayres with Tomatis Method founder, A. A. Tomatis into meta-theory that unifies the fundament role the “ear’s” oldest part (the Vestibule) plays in physical, intellectual (cognitive), emotional, and eventually spiritual evolution and development, which is referred to as the PIES by Valerie Dejean, founder of the Spectrum Center in 1992.  Ms. Dejean has engaged in extensive training in Sensory Integration since 1977, when as an Occupational Therapist she developed her passion for understanding how this little understood sensory system, the ear’s vestibular system, could have such a profound impact on so many areas of human development. In 1981 Ms. Dejean specialized in employing sensory integration therapy with children on the Autistic Spectrum.
It was observing changes in sensory integration functions in two children who had received the Tomatis Method that sent Ms. Dejean to Paris in order to train personally with Alfred Tomatis.  She had to understand “Why,” a technique that used sound (Tomatis) was able to yield such quick changes in muscle tone and motor planning that typically responded to movement.  This growing understanding over the next 27 years formed the foundation of the Spectrum Center Method, which it turns out is more than the sum of it’s parts as it elicited something quite unique; symbolic intelligence. What Ms. Dejean found that when she switched away from the more psychological approach of the Tomatis Method to a more vestibular approach in how she programed the children’s listening sessions, some of the Autistic children would suddenly develop pointing, joint attention, imitation, pretend play, and ultimately language almost overnight.  The “symbolic brain” turned on! To understand how, Ms. Dejean poured over the writings of Ayres, Tomatis, and many others to find the link between Praxis and Symbolic Intelligence that was presenting itself to her almost daily. This was formulated into the Spectrum Center Method and directed how she would program the session as well as how to educate the families as to how best to support their children’s development.
The Spectrum Center Method communicates a message of HOPE, with H.O.P.E  being an acronym for Helping Other People Evolve Physically, Intellectually, Emotionally, and Spiritually – PIES


The delivery of the Spectrum Center Method involves two aspects.


The technology: The Spectrum Center Method is presently delivered through an electronic device that is based on A. A. Tomatis’ pioneering work, which trains the “ear” how to pay attention in a new and more efficient manner.


Programing: The programing is how the above technology is employed and this is unique to the Spectrum Center Method.  There are 25 years of comparison to show that the Spectrum Center is achieving different results in the area of praxis and symbolic intelligence than other centers employing the Tomatis Method or stand alone sensory integration therapy to say that the Spectrum Center Method is it’s own brand.

The Spectrum Center Method is the highest quality program on the market to re-engineer how the brain processes information transforming how the mind operates and is able to implement its intentions.

Education –Educating people about the role of sensory systems play in human evolution and human development in a multiplicity of areas (physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual) is my passion.  I want people to understand how the Spectrum Center Method Works and how it can have such a profound impact. I believe I have some unique understanding on how humans broke free of the instinct bound mind of the rest of the animal kingdom including primates. Here is an example of my thinking…


What a remarkable thing, this species Homo sapiens is. We are so embedded in being “us” that we hardly recognize what a unique creature we humans truly are.  Somehow, on our blue planet, something occurred, in our species that was a radical break from anything else occurring in nature. If a zoologist from Alpha Centauri were to arrive and start the process of classifying all the species on the planet, we would correctly be lumped with primates, with whom we share ninety nine percent of our genes.  Oh but what a difference that one percent makes.  It allows us our capacity for imagination and invention.  Only we as a species can imagine that we might go to the moon and then design the rockets to get us there. Only humans have been able to break free of our physiology and act knowingly (consciously) upon our environments in ever more complex ways. Our ability to imagine and envision is founded in our ability to be self-conscious or self-aware. This capacity for self-awareness and to use that awareness to direct our outward behavior in novel ways, appropriate to the situations we encounter, has allowed us to move beyond our biology of instincts and hardwired behaviors.


Consciousness lays the foundation for self-reflection, the capacity to invent, and the capacity to be symbolic. Everything else that is unique to us as a species is the byproduct of this ability.  From our ability to fashion tools, domesticate animals, teach and train others, communicate with small mouth movements, to our capacity to create art, music, religions and philosophize about our existence; all these are dependent on our capacity for self-reflecting consciousness. Without it we wouldn’t have culture, for self-reflecting consciousness is really the wellspring that creates culture. The whole human enterprise would never have gotten off the ground without consciousness and the sense of self that imbibes it. Without it, we wouldn’t be human. VMD 2006


I call these my lessons from Autism because they developed as I watched children emerge from the non-symbolic mind of Autism to the symbolic mind of the human race. I’m not seeing anyone talking about this, let alone anyone possessing technologies to change this.  So the Spectrum Center Method is really an anthropological approach to human evolution and human development.

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